General dentistry


Cheeze offers a full range of general dentistry services in its state-of-the-art dental practices.

Dental check-up and follow-up
Caries treatment
Treatment of dental roots
Placement of dental crowns
Replacement of fillings
Paediatric dental care
Panoramic radiology and dental scans
Treatment of jaw problems and malocclusions



To optimise your dental occlusion, Cheeze is committed to correcting any mispositioning of your teeth and jaw.

Orthodontics for children
Orthodontics for adolescents
Orthodontics for adults
Invisalign Dental Alignment

Aesthetic dentistry


The second step after having healthy teeth is to look after their aesthetics with our smile professionals.

Smile design
Teeth whitening
Dental veneers
Onlay & Inlay

Dental hygiene


Starting from early childhood, the most important thing is to learn how to keep your mouth healthy. Thanks to our Cheeze hygienists, prevention has never been so easy!

Dental check-up and coaching
Oral health consultation
Teeth scaling for children and adults
Fast polishing
Dental fissure sealant
Periodontal maintenance

Oral surgery


Our qualified dentists specialize in surgical treatments to closely examine your oral cavity and its specific needs.

Wisdom tooth extraction
Dental implants
Surgical periodontics
Gingival correction

Dental emergencies


We handle your dental emergencies caused by severe oral pain in the blink of an eye.

Practitioners and Dental Assistants

Our Dental Team

Dr. Jacques Weber
Head of Clinic

A former assistant professor in the Division of Stomatology and Oral Surgery, Dr. Weber is a recognized dental surgeon and implantologist with nearly 30 years of experience. A seasoned entrepreneur, Dr. Weber successfully founded the two Dental Centers in Vésenaz and Plan-les-Ouates, where he serves as a dentist and clinic manager.

Praticien Cheeze
Dr. William Birraux

A graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry in Lyon with a specialization in orthodontics, Dr. Birraux has been practicing Orthodontics at the Vésenaz center since December 2017.

Dr. Laurent Darbois

Dr. Darbois, who graduated from the University of Strasbourg in June 2002, continued his studies to earn his doctoral thesis in Strasbourg in 2003, followed by a Master's degree in oral biology and a certificate in periodontology in 2006. His outstanding commitment to research and periodontology was honored by the prestigious Stallard Memorial at Boston University. These achievements demonstrate his dedication to the advancement of knowledge and excellence in dental care and techniques.

Praticienne Cheeze
Dr. Laura Marcolini
General Dentist

Graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva, dental medicine section, in August 2017, Dr. Laura Marcolini has been practicing as a dentist at the Vésenaz center since June 2018.

Dr. Anca Roy
General Dentist

Passionate about dental health and dedicated to making every smile shine, Dr. Roy is an expert who combines competence with a commitment to her patients' well-being. As an eminent dentist based in Geneva, she brings over a decade of rich and diverse experience to her practice. Dr. Roy offers a complete range of dental care, encompassing specialties such as conservative dentistry, advanced dental prosthetics, precision endodontics, and dentoalveolar surgery.

Florence Röthlisberger
Dental Hygienist

Florence Röthlisberger graduated from the Geneva School of Dental Assistants in 1986 and from the Geneva School of Dental Hygienists in 1992, and has been the Vésenaz Center's Dental Hygienist since September 2006.

Alexandra Brignoni
Dental Hygienist

Alexandra Brignoni graduated from the Geneva School of Dental Hygiene in 1999, and has been practicing at the Vesenaz center since October 2013. Recognized for her thoroughness and commitment to promoting oral prophylaxis, she plays a key role in educating patients about the importance of dental hygiene and best preventive care practices. Her ability to create a reassuring environment and her mastery of the latest dental hygiene techniques make her a valuable asset to the Vésenaz Center.