The concept

Cheeze in 3 values...

Cheeze is a network of dental professionals with a strong service culture, offering its partners sustained autonomy.


Each practitioner in the network is supported in their practice administration management, allowing them to focus more on their patients.

Cheeze selects the best dentists and specialists to bring together a dedicated and committed team of experts to facilitate skills exchange to ensure care excellence.


Our network allows your professional legacy to continue. Finally, dentists who give you back your smile!

The Cheeze network has access to the latest technological tools in the dental field and will make you benefit from them.


Technology is at the service of your patients' and your own well-being, all combined to create a perfect treatment experience.


Cheeze reinvents the patient experience.

Cheeze provides patients with an entertaining, reassuring and cozy consultation. Don't waste time, treat yourself with us!

Flexible reservations

Book up to 10 minutes prior to your consultation, online and in real-time 24/7.

360° digital platform

A fully integrated and digital platform offering you the simplicity of booking online, selecting your practitioner and treatments according to your needs while managing your medical history.


Data centralisation

From appointment booking to the connected profile. A personalized approach for each person. Your medical data is now accessible.


Latest entertainment

Netflix, Spotify and other entertainment will be offered via screens during each treatment. Don't wait to relax!


Personalized support

Before, during and after every step of your dental journey, as well as through your favorite communication channel.


Flexible payments

Payments will be secure and convenient with the option to scale over time for your satisfaction. All directly through the digital platform.


Exchange ease with the dental staff

The consultation can also take place on videoconference and your documents available on the chat.


A network at the service of your well-being!

Cheeze is designed to provide the easiest way to access dental services through a new experience for both the practitioner and the patient. Partner practices will benefit from the Cheeze team-managed support model that will allow each dentist to focus on doing what they do best: the dental chair!

Join Cheeze and retain ownership of your practice for an optimized dental experience.


Cheeze welcomes you to its flagship dental clinic in Nyon Petite Prairie with its own dental laboratory and training center.


Plan your retirement with Cheeze, which ensures a smooth transition of your professional assets.


Create your own dental practice with the support of Cheeze every step of the way.


Work for a Cheeze dental practice and gain a position in a supported network of professionals.


Cheeze simplifies the daily life of its professionals!

Cheeze offers its practitioners the opportunity to facilitate all the processes of a practice: from the management of the dental practice to the treatment and patient follow-up.


Service at your fingertips

It has never been easier to get in touch with your patient and offer them customized care. Coordination and communication are fast and efficient thanks to digital technology and various communication channels.


Digital platform

A fully integrated and digitalized platform allowing practitioners to track their agenda, manage billing and patient medical records.


Flexible days

A complete and automated online agenda, an easy management system with an immediate synchronization that allows modeling your own schedule.


Access to entertainment

As a practitioner, offer personalized services to your patients and work with peace of mind. 


Advanced equipment

Guaranteed access to innovative and modern dental tools as well as equipment for optimal professional comfort.


Entrepreneurial culture

The group promotes continuous training and professional mobility between the different centers.


Simplified internal management

An excellent medical structure provided by integrated administrative support. You only have to look after your patients!


The network

Opening of our Cheeze dental practices in 2023

Cheeze dental practices are located close to your home in order to take care of you without having to wait any longer.

Av. de la Gare 6, 1800 Vevey, Suisse
Allée de la Petite Prairie 6, 1260 Nyon, Suisse
Rue du Grand-Pont 8, 1003 Lausanne, Suisse
Rte de Thonon 65, 1222 Vésenaz, Suisse
Rte de Saint-Julien 176B, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates
Avenue de la gare 15, 1870 Monthey, Suisse


A wide range of high quality dental care provided by trained practitioners

General Dentistry


To preserve your teeth, Cheeze offers a full range of general dentistry services in its state-of-the-art dental practices.



In order to optimize your dental occlusion, Cheeze is committed to correcting your teeth and jaw malpositioning.

Esthetic Dentistry


The second step after having healthy teeth is to take care of their esthetic with our smile professionals. 

Dental Hygiene


The most important thing to learn from early childhood is how to keep your mouth healthy. Thanks to the prevention of our Cheeze hygienists, this has never been easier!

Oral Surgery


Our qualified dentists specialize in surgical treatments in order to study your oral cavity and its needs as closely as possible. 

Dental Laboratory


No need to rush, our laboratory comes to you to guarantee high quality and precision dental care. 

Dental Emergencies


Taking care of your dental emergencies due to severe oral pain in a flash.