A wide range of high quality dental care provided by trained practitioners

General Dentistry


To preserve your teeth, Cheeze offers a full range of general dentistry services in its state-of-the-art dental clinics.

Dental check-ups and follow-up
Cavities treatment
Root canal treatment
Dental crowns placement
Fillings replacement
Pediatric dental care
Panoramic radiology and dental scans
Jaw problems and malocclusion management



In order to optimize your dental occlusion, Cheeze is committed to correcting your teeth and jaw malpositioning.

Orthodontics for young children
Orthodontics for teenagers & adults
Orthodontie chez l'adulte
Invisalign dental alignment

Esthetic Dentistry


The second step after having healthy teeth is to take care of their esthetic with our smile professionals.

Smile design
Dental whitening
Dental veneers
Onlay & Inlay

Dental Hygiene


The most important thing to learn from early childhood is how to keep your mouth healthy. Thanks to the prevention of our Cheeze hygienists, this has never been easier!

Dental check-ups and coaching
Oral health consultation for diabets
Scaling for children and adults
Quick polishing
Dental fissure sealing
Periodontal maintenance

Oral Surgery


Our qualified dentists specialize in surgical treatments in order to study your oral cavity and its needs as closely as possible.

Wisdom teeth extraction
Dental implants
Surgical periodontology
Gingival correction

Dental Laboratory


No need to travel, our laboratory comes to you to guarantee the quality and precision of our dental care.

Complex aesthetic restoration
Ceramic veneers
Removable stellite prostheses
CAD-CAM gutter

Dental Emergencies


Taking care of your severe oral pain emergencies in the blink of an eye.

Practitioners and Dental Assistants

Our Dental Team

Torsten Seidenstricker Dentiste

Dr. Torsten Seidenstricker

General Dentistry

Dr. Seidenstricker is a doctor of dentistry with a master's degree in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. He has been working as a general dental practitioner in renowned institutions for more than 15 years. He joined us in 2021 as medical director and is now clinic leader.

Torsten speaks French, German and English.

Veronica Martone Dentiste

Dre. Veronica Martone

General Dentistry

Veronica brings to us her experience as a high quality dentist, proven in various practices in French-speaking Switzerland, as well as all her human qualities which make her a special practitioner. After obtaining her degree in dentistry, she went on to complete numerous courses in endodontics, dental and cosmetic restoration, bruxism and myoarthropathy, before completing a master's degree in general dentistry. Veronica has since worked alongside Dr. Seidenstricker.

Veronica speaks French, Italian, English and Spanish.

Marita Goodwin Hygiéniste Dentaire

Marita Goodwin

Dental Hygienist

Originally from Sweden, where she graduated as a dental hygienist from the University of Jönköping, Marita went on to graduate from the Zurich School of Dental Hygiene in 2005. Marita worked for many years in Sweden and Zurich before joining Cheeze. 

Marita speaks French, English and Swedish.

Camille Nicolosi Hygiéniste Dentaire

Camille Nicolosi

Dental Hygienist

Camille is a graduate of the Geneva School of Dental Hygiene and has worked in various dental practices in French-speaking Switzerland. Camille speaks French, English and Italian.

Rachel Dewitte Assistance Dentaire Responsable

Rachel Dewitte

Responsible Dental Assistant

Rachel graduated as a dental assistant in 2009, and subsequently worked in independent practices in French-speaking Switzerland. Thanks to the quality of her work and all the experience she gained, Rachel quickly established herself as a responsible dental assistant. She joined us last year as a dental assistant in Vevey and works in the same position in our clinic in Nyon.

Meryem Yavuzer Assistante Dentaire

Meryem Yavuzer

Dental Assistant

After obtaining her CFC as a dental assistant in 2007, Meryem worked in independent dental practices where she perfected her skills. Due to her experience and the quality of her work, she then worked as a centre manager. In addition to her work as a dental assistant, Meryem is also taking courses to become a dental assistant trainer and pass on her passion to new generations.